• 28,000 PWV volunteer hours for 2016
  • 300 Active Members ages 18 to over 80
  • 286 Miles trails that PWV patrols
  • 159,000 Acres designated Wilderness that PWV cares for
  • 100% Volunteer PWV has no paid staff
  • $5,400,000 total value of PWV hours to USFS since 2005

PWV is comprised of about 320 individuals who live primarily in northern Colorado and who range in age from 18 to 80 years old. Our volunteers represent nearly every imaginable background and all walks of life. The group consists of retirees as well as people still actively working in such fields as medicine, education, public and private administration and business.

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The mission of Poudre Wilderness Volunteers is to assist the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the United States Forest Service in managing and protecting wilderness and backcountry areas within its jurisdiction. To achieve this mission, Poudre Wilderness Volunteers recruits, trains, equips and fields citizen volunteers to serve as wilderness rangers and hosts for the purpose of educating the public, and provides other appropriate support to these wild areas.

In 1995, a volunteer ranger for the USFS, Charles Bell, who patrolled the trails of what is now the Canyon Lakes Ranger District, became extremely worried about the cuts to the ranger district’s budget over the previous three years – from 3 full-time persons and 30 seasonal employees down to just 1 full-time person and 2 part-timers to look after its extensive backcountry and wilderness areas.

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pwv bod 2017 2

Gerry, Jeff, Holly, Bob, Margaret, Kevin, Wendy, Janet, Alan, Jim
Not Pictured: Randy, Judy, Shannon, Mike, Celia
Margaret Shaklee (Chair)
Alan Meyer (Most Recent Past Chair)
Randy Ratliff (Chair Elect)
Bob Meyer (Treasurer)
Janet Caille (Secretary)
Kevin Cannon (USFS Liaison)
Gerry Cashman
Jeff Dean
Jim Greuel
Shannon Keigan
Mike Reynolds
Celia Walker
Holly Young
Fred Allen
Chuck Bell
Dave Cantrell
Mike Corbin
Jan Creager
Sandy Erskine
Nancy Flippin
Jerry Hanley
Bob Hansen
Bob Manuel
Meg Parmer
Jacques Rieux
Karl Riters
Jim Shaklee
Mike Smith
Mark Snyder
Cheri Van Ackern
Garin Vandemark
George Wallace
Lori Wiles
Adopt-A-Highway - Holly Young
Adopt-A-Trail - Mark Snyder
Affiliation Gatherings - Bob Hansen
Annual Calendar on PWV Website - Chair-Elect
Annual Report - Most Recent Past Chair
Content Coordination - Mike Corbin
Endowment Fund - Jerry Hanley
Finance - Bob Meyer
Fund Development - Ashley Saveland
Kick-off Night - Linda Reiter
Kids in Nature - Jeanne Corbin
LNT Program - Jim Greuel
Member Relations - Sandy Erskine
Mentoring Program - Dale Grit & Ken Klopfenstein
Office Crew - Nancy Hicks & Liz Manes-Ruhl
Off-Trail Program - Holly Young
Organization Handbook - Mike Corbin
Patrol Gear - Marion Wells
Patrol Scheduling - Bob Hansen
Photography & Video - Peter Skiba
Poudre Trails Newsletter - Beth Keller
Public Outreach - Kasha Karol & Mike Reynolds
Publications - Position Vacant
Recertification - Jeffrey Dean
Recruiting - Celia Walker
Restoration - Mike Corbin & Mark Snyder
Spring Training, 2017 - Fred Allen
Stock Patrol - Sandy Erskine
Supplemental Training - Jackie Picard
Supplies & Storage - Elaine Green
Surveys & Evaluations - Jim & Nancy Casadevall
Trail Crew - Bob Manuel
Trail Patrolling - Jeanne Corbin
Training Manual - Mike Corbin
USFS Patrolling Website - USFS
Web Team - Karl Riters
Weed Crew - Jim Shaklee
Year-End Event & Annual Meeting - Current Chair & Chair-Elect

All 2017 PWV New Members are scheduled to do two Mentor Patrols after Spring Training. The Mentors are seasoned PWV member who provide field experience for New Members on patrol trails to practice what PWV does when on patorol, to reinforce the patrol training provided at Spring Training and to assure that the New Members feel comfortable in doing future patrols on their own. The 2017 Mentors are pictured in the two photos below.

Mentors2017 1of2
Front row L to R: Gerry Cashman, Roger Chilson, Margaret Shaklee, Sandy Erskin, Jeff Dean, Randy Ratliff
Back row: Jim Shaklee, Dale Grit, Celia Walker, Bill Whitaker, Janet Caille, Karl Riters 
Mentors2017 2of2
 Front row L to R: David Bye, Linda Sunday, Rosellen Lobree, Al Ross, Janet Carabello, Jeanne Corbin, Jerry Hanley
Back row: Dale Grit, Ken Klopfenstein, David Lobree, Mike Corbin, Tom Adams, Truman Sager