For the past two decades, dedicated individuals have served the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers by providing countless hours patrolling and maintaining trails, educating users of the backcountry and wilderness areas of Northern Colorado, thus creating and preserving a legacy of these cherished areas for future generations.

By making an unrestricted gift to the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Endowment Fund, you can help preserve the legacy of Poudre Wilderness Volunteers, providing a reliable financial structure for the organization to enable it to continue to recruit, train and outfit those dedicated volunteers for years to come.



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The purpose of the Fund is to provide a stable, predictable, and ongoing funding basis for supporting: a) new PWV programs and initiatives and b) a portion of PWV’s annual operating costs via earnings (not principle) of the fund.

The Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Endowment Fund Committee ("Committee") is constituted to recognize and administer gifts to the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Endowment Fund ("Fund").

Generally, the principle of the gifts and contributions made to the Endowment Fund remain in the Fund and distributions of income are made to support PWV, primarily by enhancing or improving on the activities already performed by PWV.

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A “Wilderness Wall” has been created to recognize those who have graciously donated to the PWV Endowment Fund. Donations have been divided into levels of giving. The donations are cumulative and contributors can move up levels over time. Many thanks to those who choose to support a continuing legacy.

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