Pour Brothers Community Tavern is sponsoring a fundraising event for PWV on Wednesday, Dec 13, 6 – 8 pm, 220 Linden St, in Old Town. ALL tips during that time will be passed back to PWV. This is a fun way to have a brew (or 2), hang out with fellow PWVs, celebrate the beginning of the Holiday season, and raise a little money. Friends and family are also invited, and the general public will be allowed in as well. Pour Brothers has generously hosted us the last 2 years for this event. Bob “brewskimeister” Hansen will be the celebrity bartender. He will have a Christmas joke or 2, pour some beers, and mix a specialty drink for you upon request. A group game will also be played. Mark this on your calendar, and see you there.

Just a reminder for people to reload and use their King Sooper cards for the Holiday season.

Lastly, Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 5, which is a fundraising event for hundreds of Colorado non-profits, and is sponsored by the Colorado Gives organization in partnership with the Community Foundation. PWV participates in this event. If interested, you can donate by using the “Donate” button on the PWV website Home page, or go to coloradogives.org and type in PWV. All donations made or designated for December 5 will count in a % grant donation to PWV by the ColoradoGives organization.

Questions?Call Jerry Hanley 970-310-9212.
Thanks, and have a great Holiday season.

Ratliff RandyI am honored to serve as the new Chair for 2018 and I am looking forward to continuing the momentum and evolution of Poudre Wilderness Volunteers in the coming year. I have been a member of Poudre Wilderness Volunteers (PWV) since 2014. I joined initially as a member of the Stock Patrol as I recognized the opportunity to “ride with a purpose” consistent with PWV’s mission to assist the United States Forest Service “in managing and protecting the wilderness and backcountry areas.” In addition to patrolling on horseback, I have enjoyed the wilderness on hiking and backpacking patrols. I have served as a mentor to new members, participated in Spring Training as a role player and have been active on the Board of Directors.

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Reminiscing : While I was PWV Chair... Margaret Shaklee

PWV had a Remarkable year while I was the Chair:

  • Congress voted to delay a Federal Gov’t shutdown with days to spare.
  • A late-spring, 3-ft deep snowstorm made us move Spring Training from Camp to Campus; we had 48 hours to move the entire event to the USFS campus in Fort Collins.
  • The CLRD (USFS) required PWV members to be recertified every 5 years; we established a Recertification Committee to address this and held our first Recertification
  • Effects of beetle-kill significantly impacted trails; in 2017, we cleared 2,658 downed trees from our trails
  • Over 300 members submitted a Volunteer Agreement form in 2017.
  • We were challenged to find volunteers to fill key positions, which may result in some changes to the expectations of PWV members.

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Judy Christensen was a long-time and very active member of PWV. Sadly, Judy suddenly passed away on Aug 24, 2017. The PWV Executive Committee wanted to pay tribute to Judy and her boundless energy, especially as it pertains to her activities with PWV. The following tributes have been received from PWV members about Judy.

A favorite picture of Judy. What a joyful person!


In the 21 years since I founded Poudre Wilderness Volunteers, there have been many individuals who have made exemplary contributions to this award-winning organization. While its success has been the product of many volunteers, a few of them stand out for their unique contributions. Judy was one of these few. Every PWV activity in which she became involved was enhanced by her dedication, energy and ability to get things done. In my mind, the way she put her all into building the fledgling PWV Endowment was perhaps her most effective and lasting contribution. Her imagination in launching a series of Back Yard Auction Parties, her unique abilities to organize and promote them, and her active role in the Endowment committee were largely responsible for pushing the Endowment up to and over its $50,000 threshold so it could begin giving back to PWV. We will all be forever thankful to her for leaving us this legacy.  (Chuck Bell)

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Poudre Wilderness Volunteers (PWV) is a Larimer County, Colorado nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1996 to assist the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the United States Forest Service in managing and protecting the wilderness and backcountry areas within its jurisdiction. To achieve this mission, PWV recruits, trains, equips, and fields citizen volunteers to serve as wilderness rangers and hosts for the purpose of educating the public, and provides other appropriate support to these wild areas.

PWV has grown substantially and diversified since its founding and is considered to be one of the largest, most effective organizations of its kind in the nation.

The Need
  • Federal appropriations for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) are not sufficient to cover the costs of forest management and conservation. Furthermore, the USFS doesn’t have enough staff to adequately patrol and monitor the Wilderness and backcountry trails in our area.
  • Backcountry use continues to rise, reflecting population growth and demographic changes along the Front Range and elsewhere in the nation. A recent National Survey on Recreation and the Environment (2000 – 2007) indicates that participation in outdoor recreation activities increased by 25 - 31% and that Americans’ interest in nature and nature-based recreation is changing. While activities such as hiking, backpacking, horse riding, mountain climbing, and snow skiing have recently shown declines in popularity, viewing or photographing birds, wildlife, and flowers and trees have increased by 19 to 26%, and kayaking has increased by 63%. In 2010, the Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests were visited by 6 million people, the second highest number of visits to a National Forest in the nation.
  • Many backcountry users have no idea what a designated Wilderness is or why it must be left “untrammeled" by man. A majority of them know very little about low-impact camping. If there is nobody to inform visitors about appropriate Wilderness use, some of our Wilderness areas could become so heavily impacted that additional restrictions on public use will be imposed.


KINKids in Nature

Eighty-one kids enjoyed the wonders of the National Forest as they attended 9 different hikes with PWV rangers on Lower Dadd Gulch and Lady Moon/Disappointment Falls Trails during the 2016 season, along with 23 family members and agency staff and volunteers. Boys and Girls Club of Fort Collins, Cub Scout Pack 12, Generation Now and GrandFamilies Coalition participated, along with a couple hikes for PWV Families. The Kids in Nature volunteers followed the kids’ lead, going at their pace and exploring whatever interested them, often the stream, mushrooms, rocks, plants, insects, spiders and birds. In addition, each hike included a special curriculum of either aquatic macro-invertebrates, trees, or mammals in our mountains. We always teach Leave No Trace, ‘It’s All Yours’ and basic safety, as well. Most of the kids who participated had never been in the mountains before and they loved it! The kids’ unsolicited comments say it all:

  • “This is a fun day!”
  • To another kid: “You don’t hurt nature.”
  • “I wish I lived here.”
  • “Whoa! Look at the waterfall!”
  • “This is the best day ever!”

In 2016 the Kids in Nature committee completed Hiking with Kids in the Roosevelt National Forest brochure. These are available at the Fort Collins USFS Visitor Center and also on the PWV website under the TRAILS tab (along with a more complete listing of the enticements of the recommended trails).

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